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Industrial Refrigeration

Ammonia - The Cost Effective Choice

Freije-RSC’s Ammonia refrigerated system normally offers a major cost savings over the 20-year life cycle, providing a better return on investment for your company. In addition, Freije-RSC’s in-house team of engineers and our highly qualified fabricators and project managers help control your overall costs and still maintain a high quality across all areas of your project.


Ammonia Sustainability

Ammonia is an ideal choice for your return on investment but includes many sustainable benefits.


  • Naturally occurring green substance
  • No potential for ozone depletion (Ozone Depletion Potential = 0)
  • No potential for direct global warming impact (Global Warming Impact = 0)
  • Requires less primary energy to produce a given refrigeration effect than other common refrigerants (highest coefficient of performance)
  • Low replacement cost
  • Self-alarming odor helps to detect leaks and minimize emissions.)
  • PSM/RMP Services
  • Mechanical Integrity Audits
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Operation Audits


Source: IIAR 2008 Technical Paper #3


Our service technicians provide start-up, operation, and training to make sure your facility is operating smoothly before we leave the site. To learn more about Freije-RSC’s ammonia refrigeration design and installation services, click the link below to request more information.  A member of the Freije-RSC solutions team will follow-up directly.

Halocarbon Refrigeration Systems

Freije-RSC has years of experience in installing halocarbon refrigeration systems in both commercial and industrial applications. Freije-RSC provides a one-stop solution for your halocarbon system needs. Our in-house team of designers, project managers and installation teams all work together to guarantee your new halocarbon refrigeration systems is installed with no issues.

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

With over 50 years of experience related to the design, engineering, and fabrication of equipment for use in the pharmaceutical marketplace, Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company has the experience and capability to implement the technologies required to meet all of your refrigeration packaged systems, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and control automation requirements.

Freije-RSC has written the cold storage master specification for two different billion dollar plus pharmaceutical companies. We are often hired to study different alternatives to meet the demanding requirements in the pharmaceutical cold storage industry.

In 2003, Freije-RSC was selected as “Vendor of the Year” by major Midwestern pharmaceutical company. Freije-RSC won the distinguished award by designing and installing a unique -58º degree F freezer with a + or – 1º degree F variance required for mapping and validation.

Want to know more about how Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company can help design and build your next pharmaceutical project? Click the link below to get the process started and a Freije-RSC pharmaceutical refrigeration specialist will contact you to discuss your individual project needs.

Process Piping

Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company can handle your process piping needs. From carbon steel to stainless steel piping materials, our team can take your project from the drawing board to the production floor. Our welders are certified in numerous processes and enjoy the challenge each project presents.

Our staff is responsive and experienced, sharing a commitment to detail and safety. We install our piping systems within highly congested areas under the most adverse of conditions. Our experienced team meets your schedule, specifications, and remain within your budget for the project.

To learn more about Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company process piping design and installation services, click the button below to have a Freije-RSC solutions expert contact you to learn more about your specific needs.

Ammonia Service

  • Ammonia Refrigeration Service
  • Chiller & Boiler Services
  • Cooling Towers
  • Ultra Low Temperature Refrigeration Service
  • Electrical Service


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