Rack Refrigeration Service

Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company

Freije-RSC is very proud of our reputation with rack refrigeration service. Freije-RSC rack refrigeration service currently serves some of the largest grocery chains in the Midwest.

Our rack technicians have experience on many different styles of racks including:

  • Tyler
  • Hussmann
  • Hill Phoenix
  • Kysor / Warren
  • Minni racks
  • Roof top racks
  • Low and medium rack systems.

When you call Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company we can not only provide complete service and maintenance on racks, but also, we can provide complete engineering design, piping and case setting for all types of rack systems.

  • Supermarket Low / Medium Temp Cases
  • Parallel Rack Systems
  • Walk-in Coolers / Freezer
  • Direct Digital Controls (Novar & CPC)

To learn more about Freije-RSC’s rack refrigeration service solutions, click the button below to have one of our service solution experts contact you about your specific needs.