Plant Maintenance Agreements

Freije-RSC’s plant maintenance agreements are an excellent method of keeping current with your facility’s plant maintenance. It can literally end-up paying for itself by tracking and implementing equipment maintenance before problems occur.


Freije-RSC’s punch-sheets are tailored to your facility, detailing each item of refrigeration equipment on premises. Our technician checks each item’s condition and maintenance requirements as necessary at that point-in-time. This system provides a running monthly log, which tracks maintenance when performed. The record with a report is filed by the month within a PM-Binder for easy reference throughout the year.

At the end of each year, a new binder is made available, and the process starts over.

Mechanical integrity

Mechanical integrity inspections are mandated by both law and good engineering practice to be performed every five years by an outside source.

That inspection includes a review of the refrigeration compressors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, piping systems, valves & pressure relief venting systems, emergency shutdown systems, pumps and general safety. The inspection is based on IIAR Bulletin 109.

A resulting book-sized report is generated based on the outcome of the inspection. This book will not only show the condition of the facility, but points out in no uncertain terms what needs to be done to bring it into governmental compliance.

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Operations Audit

The operations audit is a perfect companion to the Freije-RSC mechanical integrity and PM contracts. The operations audit checks for correct equipment operation, checks for broken or missing parts, lists system anomalies. The audit helps fills the gap between a Mechanical Integrity Inspection and a PM Contract, and shows how your facility stacks up by providing a final grade and end- notes.

The Freije-RSC Operations Audit contains over 20-pages of vital plant operations information. The operations audit is recommended to be performed annually.

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The PM Process

1. Each month, a Freije-RSC technician arrives to open the maintenance binder and remove the current month’s punch-sheets. At that time, the technician goes through the system, checking the condition of all listed items as they pertain to the refrigeration portion of your facility.

2. Before returning the filled-out sheets to the binder; the technician sends copies to Freije-RSC Columbus office. At that time, you are immediately informed onsite of any critical anomalies or repairs that may require urgent attention.

3. Meanwhile, a written easy-to-understand report is generated based on the received punch-sheet copies and placed within the appropriate monthly folder upon the technician’s return on the following month.

A Complete History: Other maintenance documents generated monthly may also be stored within the PM-Binder, providing a complete recorded history for the past maintenance year.