Onsite Training Programs

Onsite training programs

Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company knows that each onsite facility we train at has a mix of expertise and varying levels of background experience.

We feel that it is important to keep class-time interesting enough to peak the interest of the seasoned operating engineer while making it fun as-well-as interesting for the new-comer to the profession.

The basic concept consists of a balance of academic classroom time coupled with practical onsite hands-on training, where students make repairs such as changing a liquid-pump shaft-seal under the supervision of the course instructor. Students learn what makes their plant “tick” and what it takes to recognize potential problems and what to do about it.

Each student who participates in our training program and finishes the course receives a certificate of completion.

At Freije-RSC, we can take training a step further by tailoring the course specifically to facility criteria, equipment and conditions.

The onsite training requires an advance facility walk-thru, in which we take notes, and photographs. All of this information is joined together in the form of a teacher/student handbook, which the participating students keep for future reference.

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