Mechanical Integrity Audits

Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company provides mechanical integrity audits mandated by both law and good engineering practices. These mechanical integrity audits should be performed every five years by an outside source.

A mechanical integrity inspection helps avoid fines & penalties, conforms to a five-year government mandate and reveals compliance issues.

A mechanical integrity audit would include inspection of the following:

  • refrigeration compressors
  • pressure vessels
  • heat exchangers
  • evaporators
  • condensers
  • piping systems
  • valves & pressure relief venting systems
  • emergency shutdown systems
  • pumps and general safety

This inspection is based on IIAR Bulletin-109.

We provide a detailed report on the outcome of the inspection, which will not only show the condition of the facility, but points out what needs to be done to bring it into governmental compliance. Freije-RSC Engineering Solutions is a founding member of the IIAR; we know the rules and can correctly perform a mechanical integrity inspection at your facility.

In addition, you receive a neatly bound booklet listing every piece of refrigeration related equipment located within your facility, categorized by function, make, model and type. Your book fulfills a government mandate and is very helpful when ordering replacement parts or have PM issues at your plant.

Freije-RSC keeps backup copies in our archives so our team of experts can help you through any support or parts need.

To learn more about our mechanical integrity audits use the form on the right to have one of our service solutions experts contact you about your companies specific needs. Freije-RSC also provides ongoing mechanical integrity service for your organization’s critical refrigeration equipment.