Industrial Electrical Service

Our capabilities include electrical service to distribution to branch circuit wiring, the back-bone to end use, for all types of commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial facilities. Freije-RSC provides quality installations for stand-by power, receptacle power, power for equipment, production and much more. The added value is the coordination of installations that take place between our many resources and trades as your one source provider.

Freije-RSC Electrical ServiceExamples of ELECTRICAL Services

  • Lighting retrofit engineering and design
  • Lighting control engineering and design
  • Cost savings analysis
  • LEED certification
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Facility shutdowns
  • Temporary power
  • Stand-by power
  • New service and service upgrade
  • Panel board installation
  • Receptacle installation
  • Process equipment and control power installation
  • Equipment wiring
  • Point of sales wiring
  • Lighting and control

Lighting & Controls


Freije-RSC Lighting Solutions

When it is time for a repair, replacement or upgrade Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company can help you through the process. Our engineers and installation teams can design and install any interior or exterior facility and lighting control need. On every project, we strive to meet your needs by balancing installation costs and future maintenance costs.

Our goal is to provide the best energy savings solution. We understand the importance of the light by which our customers are kept safe and productive.




To learn more about how Freije-RSC electrical solutions for your next project, click the button below to request a Freije-RSC solutions expert to discuss your project needs in more detail.