Mechanical Integrity Audits are Important

This photo was taken of an actual working system with ammonia flowing through the pipe. The condition of this pipe is something Freije-RSC service technicians often see during service and construction work or during Mechanical Integrity Audit work.

The pipe has deteriorated to the point of potentially causing a catastrophic ammonia release. The pipe has excessive pitting due to corrosion and could result in an ammonia leak if the corrosion continues through the wall thickness of the pipe.

Another potential problem is the structure rigidity of the piping system. Any movement of the piping by any means could cause the piping to crack or break which would result in a leak.

This pipe is too far gone to perform any surface preparation to keep the pipe from deteriorating any further and should be replaced on an emergency basis as quickly as possible.

Freije-RSC’s Mechanical Integrity Audits are designed to find this type of problem in existing facilities before the problem becomes a catastrophic failure.

Once identified, Freije-RSC has trained and certified pipe welders/fitters to remove and replace the piping on a schedule and budget tailored specifically to the circumstance.

If the piping has not deteriorated to the point of replacement, we offer pipe surface preparation services which include cleaning, priming and painting the surface.

If the pipe is insulated, we offer insulation removal, pipe surface preparation with RG2400 ReactiveGel “Blue Goo” and new insulation/vapor barrier installation to keep the piping system from corroding any further.

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