Markets Served

Our mission is making sure that customers are satisfied with the buildings and refrigeration systems we provide. From the arctic conditions of a -40° quick-freeze unit to a warehouse calibrated to keep food at its optimum temperature, we want to meet our customers’ needs. Today, we use our 50+ years of experience in constructing temperature-controlled buildings and installing refrigeration systems to help ensure that businesses needing these critical services can survive in today’s highly competitive market.


14195721Freije-RSC has over 50 years of experience related to the design, engineering, and fabrication of equipment for use in the pharmaceutical marketplace. We have the experience and capability to implement the technologies required to meet all of your refrigeration packaged systems, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and control automation to meet all your requirements for you needs. In 2003, Freije-RSC was selected as “Vendor of the Year” for a major Midwestern Pharmaceutical company. Freije-RSC won the distinguished award by designing and installing a unique -58° F freezer with a + or – 1° F variance required for mapping and validation.

Food & Beverage

Commercial Food Service

Freije-RSC’s expertise has evolved to keep pace with the ever-expanding range of refrigerated and frozen products now available to the consumer. The “cold-chain” that stretches from the grower’s field through processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution is critical to ensuring the safety of our food.

Freije-RSC specializes in designing and implementing the technologies required to meet any refrigeration need from fish and meat packaging to the beverage, dairy, fruit, vegetable and cold storage industries.

If you are in the business of processing and storing food or beverages, Freije-RSC can develop a cost-effective refrigeration solution for you.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Freije-RSC Plumbing

We are a premier mechanical, electrical & plumbing service provider to the industrial and manufacturing marketplace. We provide professional service and preventive maintenance on boilers, chillers, cooling towers, HVAC equipment, refrigeration (ammonia and refrigerant based systems) and electrical service.

We have four professional engineers on our staff, which forms the backbone of one of the most technically competent service groups in the region. Our staff provides site surveys designed to discover cost saving opportunities whether they are energy or process related. Our expertise in providing solutions to technical issues is what distinguishes us in the marketplace we serve.

You can depend on Freije-RSC to insure production schedules remain on target without costly down time due to mechanical, electrical, HVAC or plumbing issues. Our staff can provide customized preventive maintenance programs, which can reduce downtime interruptions and increase energy efficiency. With over 30% of your facilities building assets tied to MEP components, – it is crucial to put them in good hands. Our customized PM programs along with a regimented documentation program ensures you maximize your investments. Trust Freije-RSC to protect your equipment thereby Safeguarding Productivity of your facility.

Distribution Centers

Distribuion Centers

Freije-RSC offers engineering, installation and servicing of freezer, cooler and dry storage distribution centers. We are a full trade MEP & Refrigeration contractor with 24-hour service.

We have extensive engineer/build experience with distribution centers located throughout the United States. If you are looking for an engineering based installing contractor to support nationwide construction your facilities – Freije-RSC is one of the leaders in this market.

We offer service agreements for full coverage and preventive maintenance services to keep your equipment running efficiently and preventing possible failures. These agreements cover several clients located in the Midwest and Southeast – with our “in-house” service technicians providing the needed skill set to our client base.



Freije-RSC offers engineering, installation and servicing of commercial facilities. We are a full trade contractor with 24-hour service. We offer service agreements covering full coverage and preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running efficiently and preventing failures. We also offer power quality studies to help find ways to operate your building more efficiently and to save on energy costs.

Health Care

Health Care

Freije-RSC has the capability to serve at any stage of development – from new construction to upgrade to complete retrofit. With the expertise in a wide range of projects, our team can accommodate your requirements for the full spectrum of medical projects ranging from doctors’ offices to major hospital facilities.

From complete retrofits to sophisticated specialty systems, Freije-RSC has exceptional experience with unique medical facility applications. Our installations include power distribution, emergency generator power back-up, power monitoring, CCTV and CATV systems and the integration of complete building control automation.



From standard facilities operations and maintenance to environmental and risk management services, Freije-RSC has the experience, highly skilled experts and leading-edge technology necessary to help. We work with government organizations at any level meet their complete facilities maintenance and service requirements. GSA-approved and security cleared, and Freije-RSC offers an experienced single-source facility solution for meeting the routine and mission-critical needs of federal, state, local and other government organizations.

By combining our expert facility consultants, professional technicians, commercial best practices, extensive facilities knowledge and strong commitment to reliable, responsive service, we enable our government clients to achieve consistently high-performance facilities services, on-time projects and long-term value.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Freije-RSC’s engineers, service technicians, and installers have experience working in environments that are essential for the functioning of the economy and society.

Whether it be data centers, telecommunications, water, energy or banking and finance, we understand the importance of providing high-quality service that is right the first time.

We pride ourselves staying on top of cutting edge of innovative technologies to provide the most reliable and energy efficient solutions to the marketplace.