Freije-RSC to present Energy Best Practices at MSMA 2015

mid-states-meatFreije-RSC is hosting a presentation on plant/facility energy-saving tips at this year’s Mid-States Meat Association conference.

The event will be held on Saturday, February 21 from 9 a.m. to Noon, at the Cincinnati Marriott Northeast, 9664 Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, Ohio 45040.

Energy Best Practices topics will include:

  • Demand Defrost
  • VFDs
  • Door Management
  • LED Lightning
  • Suction and Head Pressures
  • Quick Hits
  • Rebates and Incentives.

Afterwards, attendees can “Meet NAMI” Barry Carpenter, CEO, North America Meat Institute, followed by a luncheon and the MSMA Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in attending this event, contact Rob Ritz by February 19.

Freije-RSC now factory certified Jamison HCR door installation provider

HCR_Model_ACjamison100Freije-RSC is now factory certified service installation provider of Jamison HCR refrigerated doors.

HCR is the world leader in re-circulatory air door technology. With over 30 years of experience, Jamison HCR has made an idea a reality with thousands of successful installations worldwide. HCR Air Doors remove all obstacles from your path increasing your operation’s productivity.

To learn more about Jamison HCR’s air curtain technology and how it can be implemented in your next project or retrofitted into your current facility, contact your Freije-RSC solutions expert.

Growing My People to Grow My Business

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in The YPO Indiana Chapter’s January Newsletter.

As a business owner, I’m constantly thinking about success—what it means, what it looks like, and how to achieve it; how to increase profit, get more business and improve the bottom-line. It wasn’t until a year ago when I was talking with a friend and fellow business owner that I realized I was focusing on the wrong area. I was looking directly at our bottom-line and thinking of ways to improve it without focusing first on the people who work so hard for it every day—my employees. So I shifted my focus to the people.

In studying how to create longevity for Freije-RSC, it became apparent that I must invest in the people, and primarily invest in them beyond work. I researched and spent time thinking about my employee base, not just in their day-to-day roles at Freije-RSC, but instead as people with lives outside of work—as spouses, as parents, etc. After doing so, I discovered that many of our issues with our employees were not related to their skills on the job, but rather related to their personal lives—relationships at home, parenting, financial management, etc.

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Freije-RSC Employees Build Homes in Mexico

Freije-RSC is proud to have been part of four Mexico home builds through partnerships with the TrueU leadership program and YWAM Homes of Hope. Houses are built in just two days; yet they change a family forever! This team building event has allowed employees to live out their values with hands-on participation.

TrueU is a consortium of companies and individuals who believe investing in relationships, developing leaders and serving others is the healthy way to grow a business. Their programs include developing leaders while taking the time to serve others. They partner with Homes of Hope, a division of Youth With a Mission. The home builds are an amazing opportunity to bring together a group of employees and build a home for a deserving family in Tijuana or Ensenada, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

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Employee Spotlight: Doug Featherston

Doug Featherston

Doug Featherston

Freije-RSC is pleased to announce the hiring of Doug Featherston as the senior electrical contract manager. With over 35 years of construction experience in Utility, Mechanical and Electrical Design and Construction,

Doug brings a well-rounded M.E.P. knowledge to our organization. His design and project management experience ranges from tenant improvement projects to big box shell construction to full campus site development.

Doug has completed projects that include:

  • Office buildings,
  • mission critical data centers,
  • retail shopping centers,
  • institutional and educational buildings,
  • dry and cold distribution warehouses,
  • manufacturing facilities,
  • municipal and utility infrastructures,
  • medical office buildings and
  • new hospital construction.

Doug manages sales, service, engineering, and installation of the Freije-RSC Electrical department.
You can contact him at

Mechanical Integrity Audits are Important

This photo was taken of an actual working system with ammonia flowing through the pipe. The condition of this pipe is something Freije-RSC service technicians often see during service and construction work or during Mechanical Integrity Audit work.

The pipe has deteriorated to the point of potentially causing a catastrophic ammonia release. The pipe has excessive pitting due to corrosion and could result in an ammonia leak if the corrosion continues through the wall thickness of the pipe.

Another potential problem is the structure rigidity of the piping system. Any movement of the piping by any means could cause the piping to crack or break which would result in a leak.

This pipe is too far gone to perform any surface preparation to keep the pipe from deteriorating any further and should be replaced on an emergency basis as quickly as possible.

Freije-RSC’s Mechanical Integrity Audits are designed to find this type of problem in existing facilities before the problem becomes a catastrophic failure.

Once identified, Freije-RSC has trained and certified pipe welders/fitters to remove and replace the piping on a schedule and budget tailored specifically to the circumstance.

If the piping has not deteriorated to the point of replacement, we offer pipe surface preparation services which include cleaning, priming and painting the surface.

If the pipe is insulated, we offer insulation removal, pipe surface preparation with RG2400 ReactiveGel “Blue Goo” and new insulation/vapor barrier installation to keep the piping system from corroding any further.

Learn more about Freije-RSC’s Mechanical Integrity Audit program »

A Landmark Installation

Last month, Freije-RSC installed a new 650 ton chilled water system on top of the 12 story Landmark Building in downtown Indianapolis.

This system consists of two packaged air cooled 325 ton chillers, three based mounted circulation pumps mounted on one custom fabricated pump skid, four custom coil sections retrofitted within two existing custom built air handling penthouses, and all associated piping to distribute 1300 GPM chilled water system.

85% of the entire chilled water system was pre-fabricated prior to installation.

All distribution piping was pre-fabricated, set in place, and installed by crane. There was 0% re-work of the pre-fabricated piping.

More details in a new case study to come later this year.

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Visit Freije-RSC at RETA National Conference

2014 RETA ConferenceFreije-RSC will host an exhibitor booth at the 2014 RETA National Conference in Atlanta, GA from November 4 – 7, 2014.

If you are planning to attend this year’s conference, please stop by and see us at Booth 208. Learn more about Freije-RSC’s industrial and commercial refrigeration design/install and service offerings.

The RETA annual conference brings members together from around the world to a venue that blends the excitement of the exhibit hall with the seriousness of the classroom and the fun of the social activities to create an extraordinary experience.

Case Study: SK Foods

Freije-RSC recently completed a project at SK Foods facility that included multiple production lines to package sandwiches into ready-to-eat packages and freeze for shipment. The project was completed on an aggressive six month schedule requiring 40,000 man hours to complete. We were able to complete the project on time and on budget.

See the full case study and photos here »

Freije-RSC supports 11 apprentices this semester

Freije-RSC believes in developing our people to be most well-trained and highly qualified people in the industry. We accomplish through strong employee engagement for the company by supporting personal growth and career development. This semester there are 11 apprentices:


Adam Maynard
Plumbing Year 4 – Greiner // MEP Plumbing Construction

Ben Fairfaix
Electric Year 2 – Fairfax/Farrell // MEP Electrical

Dennis Bragg
Plumbing Year 1 – Greiner // MEP Construction

Vince Pero
HVAC Year 1 – Nicholas // MEP HVAC Construction

Chad Alfrey
Electrical Year 2


Nick Thacker
HVAC Year 4 – Harris // Industrial Service

Anthony Hollis
HVAC – Harris // Industrial Service

Arminas Selskas
Year 3 HVAC – Harris // Commercial Service

Ben Guyer
1 Year HVAC – Harris // Commercial Service

Austin Trubey
1 Year HVAC – Harris // Commercial Service

Chad Manning
1 Year HVAC – Harris // Commercial Service

Kyle Knuth
1 Year HVAC – Harris // Commercial Service