History of Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company

Wm. F. Freije, Sr., Wm. F. Freije, Jr., and Richard T. Freije established the Freije Company in 1959. All three gentlemen are graduate engineers and registered professional engineers. When the Freije’s started the corporation, they decided that performing quality work, offering the best possible service and maintaining the highest integrity were their first priorities. The company began as a small engineering and construction firm specializing in mechanical work for industrial type facilities. The Freije Company has grown over the years to become a total engineering and construction firm with the capability and experience to assume total responsibility for engineering, designing, constructing and servicing industrial and commercial facilities.

Since 1959, The Freije Company has built an excellent reputation for designing and constructing the highest quality food, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing facilities. In addition, they are considered experts in the design and construction of industrial refrigeration systems, clean room systems, specialty mechanical and heat transfer applications.

In late 2009, Manweb Services, Inc. acquired The Freije Company of Indianapolis, IN and rebranded to Freije Engineered Solutions Co. This merger adds expertise in the commercial service and commercial engineering for mechanical, plumbing and electrical industries.

In 2013, Manweb Services, Inc. acquired RSC (Refrigeration Systems Co) and rebranded to Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company. RSC began in 1961, as a refrigeration contractor, with staff members who, like their employees today, understood what it takes to get products cold and to keep them there. A founding member of IIAR, RSC has an unparalleled history of leading the industrial refrigeration industry.

As a company, we are very proud of our history and our reputation for quality, service, and integrity. Moreover, we plan to maintain that same reputation into the late 21st century.

Freije-RSC History
Freije-RSC HDI Compressor
Freije-RSC History