Our Clients

Freije-RSC has earned the trust of many companies to manage their industrial refrigeration engineering and service needs. Below is just a small snapshot of our clients. There are many more including several with whom we have signed non-disclosure agreements.

If you would like to learn more about the specifics of our client projects please, contact us and a Freije-RSC solutions expert will be happy to answer any questions and provide our client reference list.

Freije-RSC Clients

Client Testimonials

Below you can read some of the comments from our clients about how Freije-RSC has gone above and beyond to meet their needs.

“Bill, I just wanted to express my appreciation for Jim France and Jake Robinson. No matter what the situation, they have been more than willing to help out and have shown a sincere commitment to outstanding customer service. They both genuinely take pride in their job and have a sense of ownership that surpasses any contractor that I have worked with in the past. Thank you for providing such a great staff to help us throughout this start up and I look forward to the continued relationship with Freije-RSC.”

—Joshua Rees, Target Corporation Refrigeration Systems Engineer


“Paul Gantz, of Freije, has been our service provider for years at Frank Southern Ice Arena. On January 22, 2014, we lost our compressor oil cooling capabilities and had no back-up at the time….Paul had remembered a matching compressor unit in storage at an Indianapolis facility and made the necessary contacts to get owner approval to weld off and install the oil cooling component onto our equipment…

…We are thankful for the many years of outstanding service your people have provided to us.”

—John Trumbull, City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation


“Now that we are back to our normal business again I want to take the time to thank you for your fast response and the hard work you put forth in helping us resolve the ammonia leak in our warehouse back in January.

We want to stress that Emiel Carry’s incredible dedication was a key factor in getting our ammonia system back up and running as fast as we did. Please make sure you pass our appreciation on to him as well.

Your efforts and your expertise were very much appreciated as a situation like this was new to all of us.”

–Daniel Gavin, Vice President Aldi Inc. – Springfield Division


After completing a final walk-thru on Dole project last Friday, I am excited to report that our new Freije-RSC crew did an excellent job. The quality of workmanship and final product are first rate. … Looks like we might have a repeat customer!

—John Love, Dole


“I’m impressed by the quality of work done by Steve Vogel and Jim Handley. Perdue has never has such high quality of work from contractors before. I plan to convince my management that Perdue should use Freije-RSC fro their refrigeration work even if we are not low bidder!”

—Del Robinson, Maintenance Manager, Perdue Packaging.


“As the project in Danville winds down I wanted to take the time to let you know what a great employee you have in Bob Miller. I have called upon Bob many times since the project started for things I needed changed/rescheduled/cleaned up, etc., etc., etc. and he as always taken the time necessary to assist me.

Most recently (the weekend before Thanksgiving) the crew that SYGMA had contracted to install our racking failed to complete their work before they left for the weekend and had 3 truckloads of racking blocking 6 of our docks. I called Bob simply to find out if they were coming back before Monday and found out they weren’t Bob volunteered his time, came out Sunday (his only day off that week) and worked until all the racking was moved out of our way so that we could efficiently serve our customers on our busiest week of the year.

It would have been easier for bob to tell me there was noting he could do about it, but that’s not how Bob is. Bob takes care of the customer.

We owe bob a huge thank you for his tireless efforts and genuine concern that everything is done right the first time.”

—Nick Leithliter, Facility Maintenance Manager, SYGMA-Illinois


“We would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and all those associated with those associated with supporting Teledyne Continental Motors, Turbine Engines aggressive … goals and initiatives. We asked a great deal of your company throughout the year and as usual, without hesitation, you have either met or exceeded out expectations. We have always contended that our company has the very best supplier base and you have proven that through your outstanding performance and it has been further recognized by our customers.

…we feel confident that with a supplier like you, we will meet those challenges with the same enthusiasm, dedication to quality and integrity that has made us successful and shall continue to do so for many years to come.”

—Michael Rudy, Vice President and General Manager, Continental Motors


“I just wanted to touch base with you. We appreciate all the work the guys are doing. They have done a great job of cleaning up after themselves each day. Jim C. has been very meticulous with his plumbing and welding. Jeff has stayed on top of each shut down, checking and double checking isolation valved and product temps.

We were expecting company in this week, your guys worked with ours to move compressors, pallets, etc. to clean and organize the engine room. We appreciate the extra effort the guys have put toward our projects, going above and beyond what was expected.

—Tom Tolliver, Maintenance, Walmart


“Now that our project is essentially complete, I wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed we are with the quality and professionalism of the team you sent to us.

We recognize that our project was put together in short order, out building layout and space allocation is less that desirable, and even though it was a small project by our standards, there was significant time and labor invested on Freije-RSC’s part. Emiel is knowledgeable, easy to learn from (I personally appreciate learning from him), and quite a character. As you well know, you are fortunate to have his commitment to you.

Our business is transitioning quickly and our learning curve is sometimes steep. The flexibility of your team proves to me that you are a company which believes in professional integrity and customer service and satisfaction.”

—Lisa Railing, CEO, The Ziegenfelder Company


“I just wanted take a minute of your time to let you know that Bill has been doing a great job at the facility and am very pleased with his quality of work and attention to detail while on site. It’s very nice to have a dedicated tech at the building that I can count.”

–Chad Westerheide, Target Corporation Refrigeration Systems Engineer

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