SuperCLEAN™ Advanced Pipe Processing

Freije-RSC Capped Pipe

Most industry piping styles permit dirty pipe to be delivered and received by the contractor. The cutting process that follows is, usually, done at the job-site, adding more debris such as steel shavings and metal fragments that increase and accumulate within the pipe as the job continues.

These metal fragments and shavings along with welding slag eventually travel throughout the piping system and in time back to the compressors, pumps and valves. The result can cause extreme mechanical damage and production shut-downs.

The Freije-RSC SuperCLEAN™ Advanced Pipe Processing System eliminates these problems right down to the 5-micron level.

How the SuperCLEAN™ process works

Freije-RSC SuperCLEAN Pipe Processing

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Freije-RSC insists that vendors clean and cap all pipe before we accept delivery. It is part of the process. Next, the SuperCLEAN advanced pipe processing uses the cleanest cutting method possible, which typically is automatic bevel cutting machine.

This method also eliminates the need for hand grinding the bevel, further keeping metal shavings and fragments from contaminating an already clean pipe. Before the welding process starts, chill rings are added between the two ends to be welded. This helps to protect the inside of the pipe as well as providing the correct spacing.

The welding process begins, using a 7018 rod to perform the root-pass; this is proven to be a much cleaner technique, as it eliminates unwanted slag and splatter.

The SuperCLEAN™ process does not stop there. Freije-RSC then adds a sophisticated filtering array to each and every SuperCLEAN™ System. This final step eliminates contaminates as small as 5 Microns!


Ammonia Filtration System Piping System is 3900% cleaner than the industry standard!

The Freije-RSC SuperCLEAN™ System Provides

Cleaned & Capped Pipe

Cleanest Cutting Method

Use of Chill-Rings

Elimination of Slag

Sophisticated Filtering

Cleans to 5-Mircons!

$aves You Money

To learn how the Freije-RSC SuperCLEAN™ Advanced Pipe Processing can help your company save money and future maintenance costs. Click the button below to have a Freije-RSC solutions specialist contact you about your individual project needs.