Ammonia – the cost effective choice

Owners of refrigerated distribution centers often look to several options when building out a new cold storage facility. Ammonia or Halocarbon refrigeration systems? Freije-RSC has been a national leader the design, installation and service of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

Ammonia refrigeration systems are ideal for spaces over 200,000 sq. ft. Freije-RSC. Ammonia refrigerated system normally offer a major cost savings over the 20-year life cycle, providing a better return on investment for your company. In addition, Freije-RSC’s in-house team of engineers and our highly qualified fabricators and project managers help control your overall costs and still maintain a high quality across all areas of your project.



Ammonia Sustainability

Ammonia is an ideal choice for your return on investment but includes many sustainable benefits.

  • Naturally occurring green substance
  • No potential for ozone depletion (Ozone Depletion Potential = 0)
  • No potential for direct global warming impact (Global Warming Impact = 0)
  • Requires less primary energy to produce a given refrigeration effect than other common refrigerants (highest coefficient of performance)
  • Low replacement cost
  • Self-alarming odor helps to detect leaks and minimize emissions.)

Source: IIAR 2008 Technical Paper #3

Our service technicians provide start-up, operation, and training to make sure your facility is operating smoothly before we leave the site. To learn more about Freije-RSC’s ammonia refrigeration design and installation services, click the link below to request more information. A member of the Freije-RSC solutions team will follow-up directly.