Industrial Refrigeration



Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company is a national leader in commercial and industrial refrigeration. Our team has over 50 years of experience in refrigeration and process piping design. We are the industry leader in the design of refrigerated warehouses, cold storage facilities and rooms, ultra-low temperature (ULT) rooms, refrigerated docks and low-temperature manufacturing areas.

Freije-RSC has an in-house team of experienced engineers, so we can completely control project detail. This includes our labor force, and self-performing construction management to make sure your project is designed and installed correctly. Our projects include small, simple operations to dramatically large multi-million dollar facilities with numerous special features and advanced technologies.

Freije-RSC specializes in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, distribution and manufacturing process refrigeration. Our background in design/build contracting gives us a unique advantage when developing a solution for our clients.

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Freije-RSC organizational team members work hard, use the latest technologies to meet your specialized needs for temperature controlled buildings, prefabricated and built-to-order refrigeration systems. As well as providing high-quality technical support, state-of-the-art replacement parts and a follow-up plant maintenance package aimed at making it all come together in one solid experience.

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