Why Choose Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company?

Freije-RSC PlumbingHere’s why our clients have trusted Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company for their projects:

  • Offer superior workmanship
  • In-house engineering department
  • Highly skilled and trained project managers
  • Ability to complete projects on time.

Freije believes in the design-build project delivery method so a company can have a single point of accountability for design and construction. This method enables fast-track delivery and the ability for us to define the project cost early in the process. We offer direct lines of communication with key parties throughout phases of the project.

Freije-RSC is your single source contractor

Freije-RSC ConstructionFreije-RSC has unique and complementary service offerings specializing in the food process, food distribution and pharmaceutical industries. Our key strengths result in offering more services to our existing customers while expanding our reach to additional industrial and commercial entities, improving our ability to enhance delivery of products and services to our nationwide customer base.

Freije-RSC brings a wealth of expertise and solutions-based services to the table resulting in added value to our industrial and commercial clients. We have a long-standing, nationally recognized customer base, that have come to depend on our highly trained experts to ensure their facilities function efficiently, effectively and safely.



Freije-RSC Experience


The Freije-RSC has been serving the refrigeration industry for more than 50 years. Our projects have made indelible contributions to their respective marketplaces. Freije-RSC is a founding member of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR), which helps to set industry standards for the safe, reliable and efficient use of ammonia; and currently has a sitting member on the IIAR Board of Directors. Freije-RSC has on staff professional engineers (PE’s) that regularly provide engineering and design/build services to end users throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Freije-RSC prides itself its ability to work with customers throughout the United States. Freije-RSC has professional engineers, licensed air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical personnel and master plumbers on staff. We maintain professional engineering and contractors licenses in over 30 states. This combination of licenses is invaluable in the design/build industry. Our affiliation with NCEES allows us to easily obtain additional engineering licenses when a project leads us to a new area of the country.

Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company Specialties

Cold Storage Construction

Controls and Control Systems

Pipe Insulation & Mechanical Piping

Ammonia, CO2 and Halocarbon Refrigeration Systems

Full line of parts and state-of-the-art technical support

Complete “Turn-Key” Refrigerated Facilities – LEEDS Compliant

Industrial & System Based Solutions

Over 50 years of industry experience

Founding IIAR Member / Board of Directors

SuperCLEAN™ – Pipe and Filtration Systems

Insulated systems and vapor barriers

Insulated paneling and panel repair

Technical Services

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Mechanical Integrity Inspections (Based on IIAR Bulletin 109)

Plant Operational Audits

Personal Training – Academic & Hands On

Compressor Rebuilds / Vibration & Oil Analysis