Freije-RSC Client Highlight: Velvet Ice Cream

In 1914, Velvet Ice Cream began with three core flavors in the basement of a confectionary. Thanks to Freije-RSC, cold-storage capacity has expanded for the company since 1961 and will do so again with a multi-million dollar project and a 21,000-square-foot freezer design. The freezer will include structurally temperature kept at -20 degrees Fahrenheit with a cold dock, insulated metal panels, glycol under floor heat, piping, insulation and evaporator work.

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APM 11

Job Highlight: AllPoints Midwest Building 11

Freije-RSC is proud to assist with all interior plumbing installations of the AllPoints Midwest Building 11. The facility spans 450,738 square feet and consists of a warehouse area, main office, shipping and maintenance area for the joint venture of Duke Realty Corporation and Browning Investments (Browning / Duke LLC). Located in Indianapolis, the facility is a part of the largest modern bulk distribution park in the region.

As a leader in the commercial and industrial plumbing design-build / plan-spec space, our team was challenged to install roof drainage, storm piping, sanitary waste and vent piping, and domestic water piping. In addition, Freije-RSC is responsible for the installation of all plumbing fixtures (including emergency fixtures), water heaters, an acid neutralization basin, floor drains and cleanouts.

Freije-RSC’s top quality craftsmen perform to the highest standards. Our master plumbers and licensed journeyman would love to be a part of your next plumbing and installation project.

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Grand Park

Job Highlight: Grand Park Indoor Soccer Arena

Freije-RSC is honored to be part of the HVAC and plumbing completion of the Grand Park Indoor Soccer Arena located in Westfield, Indiana. A 377,785-sq.ft. arena, the facility will hold three indoor soccer fields and a Flex Center containing a Jonathon Byrd’s restaurant, common areas, offices, showers, a game viewing mezzanine, a bar and many other amenities.

Supplying four large air rotation units made up of five sections, the Freije-RSC installed cooling condensers will each supply 150 tons of cooling each to the arena portion of the building. This large-scale project will require 16 semitrailer deliveries, and will come with building management controls by DDC Controls. Complete with custom Web pages and interactive Internet, the Freije-RSC installed equipment will be able to be monitored and scheduled to optimally meet the arena’s needs.

The Flex Center will be supplied by 100 tons of rooftop air handling units to assist with cooling and heating. Complete with zone-controlled variable air volume boxes with space sensors, the Flex Center’s full commercial kitchen will be supplied by an additional 10 ton rooftop unit. Collectively, the Flex Center will require more than 80 plumbing fixtures and plumbing installations in the kitchen, bar and dining areas.

Project completion is slated for March 2016. Stay tuned for further updates, and follow Freije-RSC on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Freije-RSC Excels at Pharmaceutical Installation

Job Highlight: Freije-RSC Excels at Pharmaceutical Installation

Freije-RSC Excels at Pharmaceutical Installation

The installation of a large pharmaceutical-grade cooler can be quite the undertaking, with many moving parts and phases required to complete the project. With the help of 15 employees, Freije-RSC was able to take massive strides on several phases of a large pharmaceutical project by completing many multi-step and multi-trade installments ahead of schedule.

Under strict sanitation and temperature control requirements, each step of the process must be validated to make sure work has been completed up to standard. By ensuring that each phase is completed correctly and in a timely manner, Freije-RSC has been able to work seamlessly with other trade professionals in order to complete each part of the project.

“Finishing these phases early is very difficult when you are dependent on trades outside your company. Our lead men on each trade made it a point to set up a working rapport with other trades, and then convey the schedule very clearly,” said Jeff Michalski, industrial contract manager.

With the help of the general contractor, those working on the project were able to complete their work in the most efficient way possible, and wrap the job ahead of schedule.

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