Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company is a national specialty engineering, service and installation services firm providing value-added infrastructure services to clients requiring the highest level of guaranteed system quality, performance, and reliability.

We provide infrastructure services that include Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Security, and Insulated Panels. Freije-RSC has been providing these services across many market sectors for over 50 years. We strive to build relationships that last. Our reputation is unequaled in the industries we serve. If you hire us, our goal is to out-think and out-work your expectations.

Our Mission: Safeguarding Productivity

Freije-RSC is a single company that leverages the resources of engineering, service and installation to safeguard our clients’ productivity through quality workmanship and years of experience.

We gain our clients’ trust with our knowledge and then gain repeat business based upon our professional performance. We accept the most difficult challenges and have performed in the most sensitive environments leaving the customer safe and secure.

Service Provider

We are the go-to service provider for facilities with tight temperature requirements where an out of tolerance error could possibly cost over $100 million in product loss.

Engineering Provider

We are the go-to engineering provider for complex, mission critical designs where a proper design could increase productivity creating additional profits.

Facility Design

We are the go-to engineering firm selected to design facilities utilized to produce or store multi-million dollars worth of product.

Contractor Installation

We are the go-to installing contractor selected to meet mission critical delivery.

Our Model

At Freije-RSC, we believe integrity is the best way to differentiate ourselves. Consequently, we hire the best people, who provide the best solutions. Our team never takes the easy way out – ever. We train our people to always “do the right thing.”

We are a highly knowledgeable and experienced group of professionals who partner with our clients throughout the country and assist them in keeping large and small facilities functioning efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Our breadth of service is unique. Unlike others in our field, we are vertically designed to support industrial facilities and their critical services. With professional engineers on staff, we can provide engineering based service and installation solutions. From Industrial Refrigeration to Commercial HVAC to Electrical Service to Security Systems – we can support your facility.

We believe great workmanship alone isn’t enough. We back it with the highest level of customer service. After all, our relationships with our clients are the most valuable assets we possess.

Our Safety Commitment

The Freije-RSC philosophy is that great ideas can become great business practice; this is true as well in our safety policies. We hold our employees to a high standard and in turn value their input. Our excellent level of communication helps guarantee a better safety record. If an employee on the job site sees an unsafe situation, the employee must report it immediately to his/her supervisor. The supervisor must report it to the safety director for further investigation. Once we address the safety hazard, and a solution implemented, we conduct a meeting  with the affected field staff regarding the outcome. Freije-RSC has an open door policy with safety for all its’ employees.

Orientation Training

All new employees must complete Safety Orientation Training, which includes proper usage of company-provided personal protection equipment.

OSHA Training

Employees must also complete a 10 hour OSHA training course within 90 days of hire.

Substance Testing

Drug and alcohol testing occurs pre-employment, randomly during employment, and post-accident.

Annual Training

Employees receive annual training in specific trade-related safety areas such as scissor lift training, confined space training, fall hazard, proper use of lanyards and respirator usage.

Our employees even designed our safety slogan: Safety is No Accident. At Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions, we believe that every employee is an integral part of keeping our safety record exemplary. Freije-RSC has attained scores well under (1.0) for our experience modification rate (EMR). Freije-RSC achieved this by consist diligence in safety management, and our team concept from office staff through field technicians.

Our Quality Commitment

Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company places our value on integrity and a “customer-centered” business. We believe this focus leads to our continued success in building a lifetime relationship with our customers. We believe quality is a total company team effort. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of customer service. Freije-RSC performs high quality by continued education and training; customer care calls, hiring employees with integrity, and working directly with the customer to fulfill their needs.

Freije-RSC is committed to quality at all times, high levels of customer service, and emphasis on improvement.

We believe quality is not just words; it is a behavior we believe in and utilize at all times. Our employees are always working to be the best in the industry.